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Sharing the divine YES

With infinite gratitude the Son says YES to the life offered to him by the Father.

When we say the word "God", don't we spontaneously think of a person, whether that person exists or not? God, as he revealed himself 2000 years ago, is a trio of Persons: the Father, the Son and the Love that unites them. God is a family name, like Durand or Dubois. And in a family there are parents, children and ancestors. 

In the divine trio, it's different: the Father has neither parents nor ancestors; he has always existed. He has no origin other than himself.

On the other hand, as his name indicates, the Son has a Father. It is from the Father that he receives absolutely everything: existence, life, love. And it is with infinite gratitude that the Son says YES to everything the Father offers him: he is fulfilled.

It is because the Son consents fully to receive everything from the Father that he gives the Father to be Father. Without this Yes of the Son to the Father, the Father could not be Father.

Between the Father and the Son, then, there is sharing of what gives life, reciprocity of giving and receiving. With infinite gratitude, each gives to the other and receives from the other the gift of full existence.

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This sculpture is the work of a Rwandan artist from the Nyondo art workshop. It beautifully illustrates the reciprocity of giving and receiving. The two women are sharing. But it is impossible to tell which is giving and which is receiving.

Let's imagine that these two women are playing a role-playing game. One would be the Father, and the other the Son. Where then would the third Person of the divine Trio be? We can't see it. But we can clearly see the effects of his presence in the attitudes of the two women. Both are dignified, their heads held high. And both lower themselves: one crouching, the other kneeling. To give without dominating, and to receive without crushing, is the sign of divine Love.

We humans are modelled on the Divine Trio. We can only exist fully and harmoniously in the reciprocity of giving and receiving, without dominating the weaker or crushing ourselves before the stronger.