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What Near Death Experiences (NDEs) are revealing

The stories of NDEs are sharing what gives life

What some people (more and more) tell us they experienced during a coma may leave us dreaming, or sceptical.
The same applies to any shared experience. All of us are experts in own experience. It is our responsibility to believe someone or not.
A Near Death Experience (NDE) is described in the document "Sharing what gives us life" proposed by Françoise, Alex, Erik and Michel under the heading "Creating a sharing group".
Here are some others. You can share  about them.

Sarah Rojon's testimony

Sarah copie

Sarah was strangled by her former partner, who wouldn't let her leave him. She tells her story:

"I struggled. I couldn't face it. I agreed to die. I had the sensation that by letting myself go like that, there was a quiet strength that emerged, and I felt in a state of plenitude as I was dying. I didn't realise I was leaving my body. I found myself in my attacker's body. I was inside him. I was him. I was in his viscera, his cells. And I could be in contact with his absolute distress, the violence, in fact, that was being unleashed through him. I was experiencing it from the inside, inside him. [...] I found myself in a truly atrocious place. It was as if I had access to all the cruelty, all the atrocity of humanity, the horror of what humans are capable of. [...] I was caught up in a source of light. It was an extraordinary contrast to what I had just been through. I found myself in an infinite space. It was an absolutely marvellous light. It was soft and powerful at the same time. And it was a light of love. I was in this bath of love and light. I just wanted to stay there, it was perfect. This light gave me the message that I had to come back, that I had to return to my earthly life. And with love and compassion. It was the most beautiful experience of my entire life, even though it was linked to the most atrocious experience. It's a bit of an experience of non-duality. [...] In that state of consciousness, I felt that I was protected, that he was protected and that we were safe. If I reverted to the ordinary state of consciousness, fear and hatred could surface. I felt the benefits of letting this presence work through me, and I feel that this fullness, this peace, can be a source of great joy.

Extract from the programme "Ça commence aujourd'hui" hosted by Faustine Bollaert on France 2, 10/01/2018, under the title: "Coma: l'étrange voyage".  

Mrs Sarah Friedrich's out-of-body experience


Translated summary

We were on our honeymoon in Colombia. We went swimming in the evening. A current dragged us out to sea. We called for help. Desperate, I began to pray. Suddenly, two words came to me. “Trust and dedication”. I said to myself: "OK, trust the sea". I realised that I shouldn't swim against the current. So I started to wait for the waves and when one came over me, I swam with it as far as I could. And when it receded, I swam in place without trying to go any further. My husband was struggling in all directions. A friend heard us calling for help and he took care of my husband. But he had to let go. The waves brought my husband's body to shore. Two people managed to get him back where I had arrived. I realised that we couldn't bring him back to life. At that moment, I called for help with all my heart, from the depths of my soul. Suddenly, on my right, I noticed a presence on the beach. It was a being of light, what you might call an angel. It was a being made entirely of golden light. Magnificent. I looked at this being and I said in myself "What are you doing there? Do something." But the angel made me understand that he couldn't do anything. Then I received the most beautiful gift. I saw my then husband's life from birth to this very moment. Then I saw my own life from birth to this very moment. I realised that he had to go, that his time had come. And at that moment, I was able to accept it and say inwardly: "OK". I asked the angel if I had the right to accompany my husband. He replied "No, it's not your time yet. You still have a job to do. I agreed. And then I let go. I let go of everything we hold on to in life. Our plans, our own identity. None of it made any sense at that point. My life up to that moment fell apart at the seams. When I was about to let go, I felt myself being pulled out of my body and into the light. I was in a place where there was only light, peace and love. A place where there is no separation. An absolutely wonderful place. I was standing on the beach in my body of light, and next to me sat my physical body. And next to my physical body lay the physical body of my husband. In this out-of-body experience, I saw him too, in his body of light. I looked at him and said: "Ah, there you are! I was worried about you.  I saw that he was also worried about me and the people he was leaving behind. So I spoke to him inwardly and told him that everything was going to be fine, that I knew and understood that he had to go. I promised him that I would find a way to move on, to be happy even, and to go on living. We were able to say goodbye. I returned to my body and he left. And for me that was the start of a major process of integration, mourning, letting go and transformation.

Isabel, aged 12, sees and hears her dead grandmother

Isabel cnv 7kb

[When I was 12, my grandmother had died and was lying in her coffin] My parents are Italian and in Italy it was customary at the time to have the coffin open at home. Next to the coffin was a sofa. We were all standing behind each other to say goodbye to my grandmother, who was in the coffin. When I looked towards the sofa, I saw my grandmother sitting there. At first I thought it was an illusion. But then she gestured to me to say hello. I hesitated, then thought: "The reality is that she's lying in the coffin." I even wondered if she could have been resuscitated. In fact, I couldn't handle the situation. Then she said: "Everything's fine. I'm here." All of a sudden I realised it was real. For me anyway. And I wanted to warn my dad. So I pulled on his jacket. He was standing in front of me. I wanted to say to him: "Look, it's Grandma". And then she said [with her finger]: "No, no, no". She didn't say anything, she just made this gesture. People would have thought I'd gone mad, I think. They couldn't see what I was seeing. So I didn't say anything. I went over to the coffin. I saw the body. And next to it was the sofa with my grandmother sitting on it. It was a really extraordinary situation. She was smiling at me. So I knew everything was fine. I was really happy. I was jumping up and down. My father came to me and said: "Don't be so happy. Your grandmother died anyway."

Translation of : L’expérience de mort imminente de Mme Isabel Waller-Rigo, 2020 de 10 :00 à 13 :00


Dr Pim Van Lommel : consciousness is not produced by the brain

This video is in English

Pim van Lommel, born in 1943, is a Dutch hospital cardiologist who specialises in the study of Near Death Experiences (NDEs). He shows that these experiences can only be explained by admitting that consciousness is not produced by the brain.

Lytta Basset testifies about her contacts with her son who died by suicide

Livre en français

Lytta Basset

Cet Au-delà qui nous fait signe

Albin Michel, 2022

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Born in 1950, Lytta Basset is a Swiss Protestant theologian and pastor. She talks about the contact she has with Samuel, her eldest son who died by suicide in 2002 at the age of 24. These contacts were beneficial and restorative, and deepened following an unlikely event in 2005. The author is urged to bear witness, not to prove the existence of the afterlife, but to help us dare to trust the many signs that the afterlife gives us. The link with our deceased is not broken by their death. Life can continue to grow on both sides, thanks to each other. The boundary between them and us is porous.