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Creating a small sharing group : why an how

Françoise, Alex and Erik, we followed the "conversation in the Spirit" training given by Esdac. Once we had completed the training, we felt that our services were not being called upon. Michel, one of the trainers, said to us: "Start something and I'll help you". We decided to organise sharing events with Michel's help. Look at our hands: we started by plunging them into the humus, with the joyful hope that something beautiful would sprout.

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Together we organised evenings of "sharing what gives us life", during Advent 2022 and Lent 2023. We spent a lot of time preparing these meetings, leading them and evaluating them. We also shared meals. In short, we shared what gives us life. A friendship was born, as was the desire to share with others what we had experienced. To this end, we have written a short booklet to help you get started. You can download it free of charge.



Start something and, if you like, contact us and we'll help you.
Françoise, Alex, Erik and Michel, trained by Esdac  

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