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Synodality is about journeying together to what gives more live

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A synod is a church assembly. From 2022 to 2024, a synod of the Catholic Church will take place. The theme is "Synodality" or, in other words, "how can we journey together towards that which gives us more life? Many are wondering what the fruit of this synod will be. But the fruit is already there, in the way the process is being undertaken. Take a look at the photo. At small tables, all the participants are talking and listening to each other. This has never happened before. Previously, everyone listened to speakers who took the floor one after the other, with no opportunity to interact with the speakers.

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Sandra Chaoul (on the left in the photo) is Lebanese. She was a "small group facilitator" at the Synod. She is a member of the Esdac community and co-author of the book Esdac Pratique du discernement en commun (Editions jésuites, 2022). She shares this with us: 

"Our experience in the Synod was incredibly rich and tendering, gently revealing our lights and shadows as Church. In the words of one Archbishop, “people expected they were coming to Rome for a Holy War, and it is through the work of the Holy Spirit that we leave here having made friends”. It was not always easy to listen and open ourselves to the fears and hopes of one another, yet the more we dared to lean in, the more we found ourselves brought further towards each other."

... In the words of one archbishop, 'people expected to come to Rome for a holy war, and it is thanks to the action of the Holy Spirit that we leave here having made friends'. It wasn't always easy to listen and open up to each other's fears and hopes, but the more we dared to do so, the closer we came to each other".