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Always saying YES, even in a dramatic situation

When we find ourselves in a dramatic situation, aren't we tempted to despair?
The secret of happiness is to say thank you, even when we are going through extremely confusing and painful situations.
Of course, we don't say thank you because the situation is dramatic; that would be foolish.
We say thank you because we are sure that our Father is good, that he wishes us well and that he does not abandon us in the drama we are experiencing.
We thank him because he helps us through this ordeal, just as he supported Jesus through the ordeal of crucifixion.
Our thanks expresses our conviction that out of the trial will come a blessing, just as out of the cross came the resurrection.
And not just our resurrection into the afterlife. But our return to true life, to hope and joy, here and now.

Merlin Carothers was a Methodist minister who died in 2013. His spirituality was based on two convictions drawn from the Bible:

  • For those who love Him, God works all things for good (Rom 8:28)
  • Give thanks in all things (1 Thess 5:18).

In his books, he tells many stories of people who have experienced the truth and effectiveness of these convictions.

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Books by Merlin Carothers :

  • Prison to praise
  • Power in Praise, Edit. M. Carothers, Escondido

Saying thank you to God

  • changes our state of mind
  • and, sometimes, changes the painful situation

You will find a short story in the downloadable document "sharing what gives us life", page 8 : "The Lord makes wonders for us".